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    New Products to Protect the Health and Safety of Emergency Services Employees and their Patients

    Posted by Austin Hardware on May 28, 2024 10:30:00 AM

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    The biggest challenges facing the EMS industry include staffing (finding the next generation of employees and retaining existing employees) and reducing stress. A 2023 EMS Trend Survey of more than 3,100 paramedics, EMTs, and EMS leaders has shed more light on these topics that are most concerning to emergency service professionals.

    The survey shows that EMS managers must prioritize their employees' mental and physical health and safety due to chronic understaffing and the demanding nature of the job, which are having a more significant impact than ever before.

    While the nature of the job will always create a stressful environment, managers need to look for small ways to reduce their employees' physical and mental stress. Improving how these critical care providers go about their day and finding logistical improvements can help. In turn, this will help to address the industry’s retention challenge along with leading to better patient outcomes.

    As demand for EMS products and services increases due to factors such as population growth, urbanization, and changing consumer preferences, technological advancements to gain efficiency, effectiveness, and safety can contribute to the health and well-being of first responders, firefighters, and emergency staff.

    Austin Hardware’s engineering team has always worked to stay ahead of EMS demands. Industry-changing Austin Guaranteed Engineered Solutions™ for EMS with a proven record for improving user processes and safety include our LifeDefender Cabinet Security Frames, B-Lift Bariatric Lift, and one-hand actuated Ambulance Ceiling IV Hanger.


    2024 has seen the completion of several groundbreaking products meticulously engineered to bring efficiency, economy, and safety to EMS personnel.


      • Amblance-with-O2-Door-Open
      • Lift-N’-Stow Oxygen Bottle Lift—This counterbalance system eliminates the need for EMS personnel to lift heavy oxygen bottles into an ambulance. The lift requires NO ELECTRICITY, delivers up to 27 inches of travel, can be used on left and right-hand doors, and meets all industry crash test requirements.


    • Squad Bench Latch Pic 2Squad Bench Latch—This patent-pending Squad Bench Latch for ambulances and emergency vehicles allows EMS personnel to unlatch the squad bench safely with just one hand. The double rod locking on each latch also secures it in all directions, meaning it won’t fly open in the event of an accident. There are also no latch components inside the compartment, meaning no linkages or strikers to cover, so the contents do not jam the latch.
    • !ER-BinOrganizingSystem-DRAFT-010924_Page_4_Image_0007Snap-N”-Stow Bin Organizer changes how patient items can be stored, used, and replenished in an ambulance. These new bin organizers are free-standing with slam-locking lids to positively lock onto rails fixed on the ambulance wall. When locked onto the wall, the bins pass all crash test requirements. They can be repositioned within the ambulance to allow the EMT to attend to the patient more effectively and safely while in transit. They’re also removable for easy restocking at a central location.


    We invite you to contact your Austin Hardware sales representative or your nearest Austin Hardware location for help today or to schedule an appointment to learn more about any of these new, innovative EMS solutions.



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