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    The #1 High Abuse Industrial Liner & Protective Coating

    Posted by Admin on Mar 21, 2017 7:01:00 AM


    Did you know that Austin Hardware and Supply, Inc. carries the Scorpion line of Protective Coatings that can be used to line truck beds and other surfaces?

    Scorpion XO2 is a chemically engineered product that uses the best characteristics of polyurethane. This gives Scorpion incredible strength and when combined with their patented acrylic blend, adds ease of application and UV stability. The best part of the Scorpion System is that all coatings are applied with minimal, cost-effective equipment. Scorpion is a batch mix system, which allows the applicator to infinitely adjust critical factors such as dry time, texture, and color. Batch mixing also allows the applicator to introduce a number of granular additives for various effects.

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