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    Sealants and Adhesives Blog Series – Spray Adhesives – Pressure Pots vs. Cannister Systems

    Posted by David Plunkett on Feb 16, 2024 9:30:00 AM
    David Plunkett

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    Spray adhesives for industrial applications are increasing in popularity. Automotive, marine, construction, and aerospace applications are just a few where spray adhesives' performance benefits and efficiency are a significant advantage.

    Most spray adhesives are high strength, versatile, and go on cleanly. The benefits causing a shift from more traditional application methods include the precise thickness control that spraying allows and the ease of applying uniform coverage. This makes spraying much faster and more efficient than other methods. Also significant is clamping (the need to apply pressure while curing), which is often not required when using a spray adhesive, saving considerable time.

    Industrial spray adhesive application is typically done using one of two systems: pressure pots or canister systems.Sealants & Adhesives Blog Banner (1) The user will choose between these two systems based on factors that include the specific application, convenience, and budget. Here, we’ll take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of both systems, as well as other considerations to help you decide.

    Pressure pots tend to be more versatile than canister systems in that they can handle various types of adhesives, including those that are thicker or more viscous. Another advantage of pressure pots is that they provide consistent and steady pressure, ensuring a more uniform spray pattern. Users often have better control over the pressure and flow rate, allowing for more precise application.

    Additionally, pressure pots typically have larger capacities, allowing for extended use without frequent refilling, makingGeneric Adhesive Image them well-suited for larger projects where a continuous spray application is required.

    Canister systems typically have a low initial cost, making them more cost-effective for smaller-scale applications. From an application standpoint, their primary advantage is portability. They’re more portable and easier to maneuver than pressure pots, which makes them the right choice for smaller projects or areas with limited space.

    Canister systems ordinarily use disposable canisters that are simpler and faster to change out. Cleaning and maintenance are generally easier, equating to less downtime.

    Ultimately, the choice between a pressure pot and a canister system depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a summary of what you need to consider:

    • The scale of your projects - A pressure pot is generally more suitable for more extensive, continuous applications.
    • Type of adhesive you’re using - Some adhesives may work better with one system over the other based on the viscosity and specific requirements of the adhesive.
    • Budget - Canister systems are often initially more affordable.
    • Portability - Choose a canister system if you need a highly portable solution.
    • Maintenance and Cleaning – If the downtime for maintenance and cleaning required for a pressure pot is an issue, you might prefer the simplicity of a canister system.


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