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    The Benefits of Marketing Automation in the B2B Space

    Posted by Admin on Feb 15, 2018 12:17:00 AM

    The Benefits of Marketing Automation in the B2B Space

    The benefits of marketing automation in the B2B space are impossible to deny nowadays. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re sure to have at least heard of it. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, marketing automation adoption may just be the best strategic move you could make this year. More than half* of B2B Fortune 500 companies have started using marketing automation. The biggest businesses in the world clearly see the immense gains that can be made by automating their marketing efforts. To understand more, let’s consider the advantages of marketing automation.

    More Leads, More Conversions

    According to HubSpot, "70% of marketers say converting leads is their top priority. A 2016 survey on B2B users of the strategy revealed that 80% of users increased their leads and 77% increased their conversions. It’s fair to say that, out of all the benefits of marketing automation in the B2B space, getting more leads and conversions is one of the most directly impactful to your business."

    Avoid Human Error

    Humans make mistakes. Even marketing wizards are prone to a typo or forgetting to follow up with an email. It’s much better to streamline your email automation by crafting and proofing a perfect set of emails just once, which can then be used continuously. You can instill confidence in your prospects and customers with perfect copy, delivered on time, every time.

    Avoid Human Error

    Save Money

    One thing most businesses will agree on is that their bottom line is top priority. A great benefit of marketing automation in the B2B space is the opportunity to downsize your marketing costs while ramping up your marketing efforts. Instead of employing a full marketing team, you can slash costs by simply having a team of one. It can save your business a fortune.

    Customer Engagement

    By providing your audience with tailored content, customer engagement will improve. This puts your business in a better position to nurture leads. More B2Bs are splashing the cash to create the perfect client experience by using market segmentation to personalize what you offer* to prospects.

    Increased Productivity

    By eliminating errors and cutting costs, B2B marketing automation makes your business more productive. Marketing automation software provides all the data and stats you need to analyze flaws in your campaigns. With this information and the extra resources freed up, your marketing efforts will be much more effective in the long term.

    Increased Productivity


    Saving time and money by becoming more productive is a big win for any business, and most companies are increasingly beginning to capitalize on these benefits of marketing automation in the B2B space. With high chances of a boom in qualified leads, reduced conversion time and massive revenue gains, there’s little to lose by adopting marketing automation sooner rather than later.






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