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    Find the Right Solutions for Your Work Truck with Austin Hardware®.

    Posted by Austin Hardware on Jun 3, 2020 11:30:00 AM

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    When it comes to outfitting your work truck with the best on the market, let Austin Hardware® be your guide for all things work-truck related. We carry the top of line merchandise from lightingdrawer systemshandleshingeslocking mechanisms, and more. Even better, Austin Guaranteed Engineered Solutions™ provides businesses like yours with state-of-the-art products guaranteed to give you the solutions you need. 

    Front Drawer Release System (FDR

    Our patented Front Drawer Release system is the perfect solution for mobile applications, keeping your stuff safe, organized, and within reach when you need it. If you are looking for the ideal mobile storage solution for work trucks, emergency vehicles, rescue vehicles, maintenance trucks, utility vehicles, and more, this is the solution you need. The best part is that all of Austin Hardware®’s drawer systems only require a one-handed use, making it a simple, convenient solution. In addition to convenience, our FDR system offers a professional appearance for your access solutions to appear clean, organized, and official. 

    Genesis Drawer Release Systems 

    Our patent pending Genesis™ drawer release systems are simple, sleek, and the solution you need for your truck. We offer one of the most functional and thoughtful products on the market; these should be your go-to for your drawer release system needs.

    Our two options for drawer release systems include the drawer release lite and the drawer release pro. Both are easy to install and designed to be user-friendly, requiring only a one-handed operation. This easy-to-use installation and application make our drawer release systems the perfect solution for work trucks, emergency and rescue vehicles, cargo vans, utility vehicles, and any other type of vehicle where you need organization and convenience.  

    Super Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

    We are your one-stop shop for engineering, designing, and manufacturing the telescopic linear motion drawer slides you need. If you need high load capacity and a sleek, convenient design, you should check out our complete line of super heavy-duty drawer slides. Designed with corrosion-resistant aluminum or super heavy-duty steel, we have taken the guesswork out of deciding which drawer slides you need. What does that mean for your business? Easy, convenient, and reliable solutions for a variety of applications, including super heavy-duty applications, emergency vehicles, data storage devices, and machinery and tool storage. 

    Scorpion Products For Your Truck

    You rely on your truck to haul all sorts of things. Whether it’s for work or play, you use your truck hard and want it to last a long, long time. You also know that the cargo you’re hauling around can scratch, gouge, dent, and ding your pick-up’s bed, reducing its useful life.  To protect the bed from damage and rust, you can install a bed liner. The two most common types of bed-liners are drop-in and spray-on. Drop-in liners are typically hard plastic or rubber and are “dropped in” to the back of the truck. Unfortunately, this may not be the best option unless the drop-in liner is specifically designed for your truck’s make and model.


    The most durable bed-liner on the market is the Scorpion XO2 formulation. This is a 3-component system combining (A) polyurethane resin, an (B) activator, and (C) Scorpion’s patented blend of acrylics. The polyurethane resin (Part A) is a blend of aliphatic and aromatic polyurethanes, offering UV stability and durability. Part B is the activator that hyper-activates the resins and allows them to cure out to a rubberized coating. 

    Finally, Scorpion’s patented blend of acrylics (Part C) does several things. While helping to promote UV stability, it also serves as an acrylic binder enabling the use of any automotive-based toner (urethane, acrylic, or waterborne). This allows you to tint the liner to match any color. It also promotes vertical hang for texture.

    The XO2 formulation naturally provides a smooth, orange peel texture. However, depending on the final look and feel that you want, by varying the air pressure and trigger pull on your gun, you can go from a flat smooth finish to a gritty grip-tape look. To learn more about the Scorpion XO2 formulation and their other protective coatings, contact your nearest Austin Hardware® location or access our live online chat at www.austinhardware.com.


    At Austin Hardware®, we know trucks, and we know truck supplies. We are your source for truck-related hardware, parts, and products. Download our truck brochure here, or visit our official TRUCKS page here: WE KNOW TRUCKS.


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