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    Now Available: NEW Locking Feature On Austin Hardware's Patented Front Drawer Release (FDR) Systems.

    Posted by Rob Dell'Elmo on Mar 16, 2021 11:27:01 AM

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    Statistics from the National Truck Equipment Association indicate commercial (cargo) van sales increased by 56.7% between 2013 and 2019, and there's no sign of that trend slowing down. While cargo vans are becoming more and more common for delivery services (if you've had an Amazon delivery lately, you know this to be true), they're also widely used by businesses of all types as service vehicles. 

    Larger vehicles, such as box trucks, will always have a substantial market position for their advantage in capacity. This is especially true for delivery services as their size advantage allows for the delivery of larger items and helps to minimize trips. However, cargo vans generally cost less to purchase, and their smaller size makes them more fuel-efficient and able to fit into tighter spaces. This economy and agility make cargo vans a better choice for delivering smaller parcels and for use as service vehicles.

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    Efficiency and organization are paramount for service techs in the fieldCargo vans are often outfitted with system of sliding shelves or drawers customized to the company's specific needs to help facilitate the required efficiencies.  

    These drawer systems are often used within a service vehicle to store, organize, and transport the tech's valuable tools. However, those expensive and often irreplaceable tools may be left in the vehicle unattended on the job site while it remains open to allow the technician easy access. Of course, the problem is the ease of access also afforded to passers-byincreasing theft opportunity 

    fdrTo address this, Austin Hardware® has leveraged our PATENTED Front Drawer Release (FDR) system and created a new version with an integrated cam lock in the handle's center. This keyed cam lock offers the additional security field service techs need to walk away from their vehicle without worrying about their tools walking in the other direction 

    The cam lock disables the handle from being pulled outward, which prevents the locking tabs on the drawer slides from being depressed. Secondary trigger cradles tie the trigger to the handle so that the trigger can't be pressed down independently. Subsequently, the drawer will stay latched in the closed position until the cam lock is disengaged with the key.  

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    Over 12 years ago, Austin Hardware® engineers developed the FDR system to keep heavy-duty industrial drawer systems latched in the closed position inside a moving vehicle, where turns can cause unlatched drawers to slide openThe FDR allows the user to unlatch and open the drawer with one hand from the latched/closed position and latch and close it from the latched/open position. A 300# rated drawer can be pulled open with literally a single finger. 

    This innovative product has been used with great success in cargo vans such as the Ram Promaster. It has also spawned both the Drawer Release Lite and Drawer Release Pro, which function the same as the original FDR, except with simpler aesthetic designs making them more budget-friendly for some users. 

    For more information on Austin Hardware' patented Front Drawer Release, click HERE or contact your nearest Austin Hardware® location. 

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