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    The Top Austin Engineered Products for Essential, Life-Saving Industries

    Posted by Austin Hardware on Dec 17, 2020 10:00:00 AM

    The Top Austin Engineered Products for Essential, Life-Saving Industries

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    Austin Hardware® is a leading supplier for essential, life-saving industries, including life-saving devices for ambulances, EMS, and other emergency vehicles. Our engineering team works hard to provide top of the line products that save lives. The average EMS response time is less than 20 minutes. Each minute during an emergency response is crucial for patient care. We work hard to provide quicker response times for emergency medical teams, and enhancing patient care is important to providing the best safety solutions. Our complete line of safety solutions is designed for saving lives and supporting essential industries.  

    B Lift 

    The average EMS response time is 14-16 minutes, meaning that each minute is crucial. Providing quicker response times for emergency medical care and enhancing patient care is essential to providing the best safety solutions. We are proud to offer the B Lift hydraulic bariatric power lift as part of our complete line of solutions for life-saving industries. The B Lift is a hydraulic bariatric lift that keeps both patients and first responders safe during emergency responses and shortens the time it takes for emergency response. In addition to supporting critical teams, it enhances patient safety, reducing the potential for trauma. Not only does our product provide safety solutions, but it is also durable, strength tested, and made in the U.S. with quality parts and craftsmanship.  

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    When it comes to safety, Austin Hardware's LifeDefender™ brand not only meets the industry standards, we helped to establish them. Our rigorous safety standards keep both patients and emergency workers inside emergency vehicles safe during transport. Austin Hardware's LifeDefender™ Cabinet Security Frames have been designed to provide a solution to meet the *SAE, CAAS GVS & NFPA safety standards. In addition to meeting strict safety standards, our frames are crash tested to ensure that the vehicle occupants, ems workers, and patients are safe during transport and in case of an accident. We have several different cabinet systems that can be easily customized depending on consumer's needs. Learn more:  here.  

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    Polycarbonate Protective Panels 

    Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been looking for safe ways to stay open and help to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. In response to customers' new set of needs, Austin Hardware® engineers developed clear polycarbonate protective panels in various standard sizes for many different applications within a business setting. According to current information, one of the primary modes of transmission of COVID-19 is via airborne droplets. A simple solution to mitigate these droplets' transmission is to put a physical barrier between employees working in an office environment. Placing a partition at individual workstations and other key areas throughout businesses can help to protect workers and customers from the potentially virus-carrying particulates emitted by others. You can read more about these panels by visiting our blog: here.

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    Ceiling IV Hanger for EMS Vehicles

    We created the Ceiling IV Hanger for EMS Vehicles to directly support the brave teams of first responders and address critical patient care needs in the industry. First responders and EMT workers are under tremendous pressure. They have to concentrate and work quickly to care for their patients while staying on their feet in a fast-moving vehicle. At Austin, we care about both patients' and EMTs' safety during transport and work hard to find innovative solutions. A critical task for emergency responders is starting or changing out an IV bag for a patient. Most IV hanger setups require a two-handed approach. This can take a first responders time away from caring for a patient. Having an extra hand in a time-sensitive task is crucial for patient livelihood. The new ambulance Ceiling IV Hanger system addresses the critical time in emergency response and solves critical issues. This revolutionary product allows for one-hand operation. Our design enables the EMT to engage the IV bag quickly and safely, saving valuable time in the care of the patient. 

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    If you are looking for more information about our solutions for essential industries, visit our contact us page or check out our engineering page to see more.  

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