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    New Product From Austin Hardware®: The Ceiling IV Hanger for EMS Vehicles

    Posted by Austin Hardware on Jul 8, 2020 5:20:46 PM


    EMT’s and ambulance personnel are under tremendous pressure. They have to concentrate and react quickly to care for their patients, and they have to do it while trying to stay on their feet in a fast-moving vehicle.

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    A critical moment for EMT’s is when they need to change out IV bags. Most IV hangers used in ambulances today require the EMT to use two hands to thread the bag onto the hanger. The process of identifying the hanger then trying to quickly thread the bag onto a stiff clasp can rob them of critical seconds. Moreover, with no extra hand available to provide balance, they’re exposed to injuring themselves, coworkers, or even the patient in the event of a quick turn or sudden stop.
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    To solve these problems for these critical healthcare professionals, the engineers at Austin Hardware and Supply, Inc. have designed a new ambulance IV hanger system that is currently patent pending. At Austin, we care about the safety of both patients and EMTs during transport and work hard to find innovative solutions for this essential industry. 

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    The system is designed with a pan that is a drop-in replacement for the current industry standard product, so no additional design work is required. This innovative solution includes a Ceiling IV Hanger Imagesstamped aluminum mounting pan that is less brittle than the cast aluminum used in most IV hanger systems. It also has a mounting depth of only 1-1/8” to allow for maximum space inside of the vehicle.

    This revolutionary product allows for one-hand operation. This enables the EMT to engage the IV bag quickly and safely, saving valuable time in the care of the patient being transported, and freeing one of the EMT’s hands to steady themselves inside of the moving vehicle. In addition to the benefits afforded EMT’s, the drop-down piece has been designed with enough surface area to be custom branded, whether it’s with your name and logo, or that of your customer.

    If you’re an ambulance manufacturer looking to improve your selling advantage or an ambulance owner who wants to make your vehicle as safe as possible for  EMTs and patients alike, visit our product page to learn more about this innovative new product. In addition to this product, Austin Hardware® carries a diverse line of emergency vehicle solutions including our own line of cabinets from LifeDefender as well as the B Lift Hydraulic Bariatric Lift. You can learn more about LifeDefender here and the B Lift here

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